a day in my life

Bills, Bills, Bills. They are kinda funny. When you have no money, you seem to get by easier than when you do have a little. What I mean is.... I finally get a job and finally start bringing in a paycheck and I am more behind on bills than I have ever been.

I don't really get it. I just don't seem to have quite enough money coming in to cover them or just can't seem to coordinate the payday with the due date.

Do you know what I mean? If I could change when some are due, then I would be fine.....I think. Or when Something that slipped your mind turns out to have a late fee attached to it!!!

Then, there's the "how the hell did they get my cell phone #?" day. When You get the unexpected call at work , and the person on the other end of the phone explains that they have sent 2 statements and received "no" payments.

"How can this be" I ask. I just got a job and before that I wasn't late on anything.

Oh well, It fits my week anyway. Family emergency hundreds of miles away that has my mind wondering from time to time, The "you seem to be having trouble multi-tasking" comment from my boss. Maybe it is just the pregnancy, but sometimes I wish it would all just go away.

I think I need a vacation. Not one with my family, one completely by myself. To the beach.....hell, I would take the mall(if I had money).

Well, I gotta run. Tummy is grumbling for some grub.

Oh, btw, It's a girl. We call her Emma.


lolamae at 5:41 p.m.

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